The Barcelona-based online marketing agency Ecommerce Managers is joining the Seeders group. It will thus become part of one of the most important online marketing agencies in Europe. Until now, Seeders had offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Poland and Denmark. With the integration of Ecommerce Managers, the group now also has a presence in Southern Europe (Barcelona), with the intention of opening a new office in France in 2022.

According to Sander, one of the founders of Ecommerce Managers, “The integration into the Seeders Group gives us access to more international clients and more expertise”. After this integration, Seeders will have a team of 80 people in the main European countries.

International opportunities

Despite the trend towards internationalization of online companies, most marketing agencies have a national focus.  Ecommerce Managers sees this integration as an opportunity: “It allows us to help international clients grow online with native marketing experts with local knowledge in the major European countries. This gives a huge competitive advantage as large companies prefer uniformity of approach, quality and reporting in the countries where they operate,” says Sander.

Ecommerce Managers already works for international clients in France, Portugal, Italy and Spain, so this integration allows us to share knowledge and create synergies with Seeders’ teams in the rest of Europe. Furthermore, as Caroline, the second pillar of Ecommerce Managers, comments, “We have been collaborating with Seeders for a few years now and we have the same professional approach, carrying out very similar work processes. Therefore, going one step further was a logical decision that allows us to continue to grow together”.

Driving digital transformation

In recent years, companies have been attaching increasing importance to their online presence and to achieving good rankings on Google.  Especially companies that are already successful in their own market and want to expand in Europe. In this context, Seeders has a unique added value in the creation and execution of their international online marketing strategy. 

Both Ecommerce Managers and Seeders agree that France is one of the most dynamic and interesting markets in Europe. For this reason, they are planning to open a new Seeders office in Lyon in the near future. “The integration of our agency with Seeders will give a boost to the path we have embarked on and allow us to offer our clients Pan-European online marketing services,” adds Caroline.

To accelerate growth and presence in Europe, Dennis Akkerman, CEO of Seeders, plans to open more Seeders branches later this year. Akkerman says: “We are looking to open a new location in Sweden, a second office in Germany, in Berlin, and to gain more presence in South America.” This is a clear example of the company’s ambition and the good understanding between the two teams.