Surely, you’ve heard a thousand times how important it is to create content on your own site. Everything you’ve heard is true: creating web content is essential to attract organic traffic. Once the texts of all the landings of the website have been optimized at SEO level, it’s time to get down to work with the blog. But where should you start? Is it easy to write a blog article? What should you keep in mind? We’ll tell you all about it!

How to write a good blog article

How to write good blog articles step by step

In addition to writing creatively, without spelling mistakes and punctuating the text well, you should consider all the SEO tips in this article to get your next post to the top of the search results.

Content calendar

Before you start writing a blog article, we recommend you to create a content calendar where the articles for the coming months are planned. This way, you will ensure that the theme of the articles fits well in each season of the year. Don’t worry, the content calendar is not set in stone, if a new idea comes to you in the middle of the calendar you can include it and leave one of the planned contents for later.

Finding a main keyword

It is important that you do a little keyword research to determine which keyword the article will focus on. Try to find keywords with an interesting search volume and with little competition. Also, it will be easier for you to position your content in search engines.

We recommend you to use Google’s keyword planner to perform a good Keyword Research. Also, at Ecommerce Managers we are big fans of Semrush’s Keyword Magic Tool.

Finding secondary keywords

Beyond looking for a main keyword, it is also interesting to find secondary keywords that appear throughout the text. This type of words are usually synonyms of the main keyword or other ways of mentioning the keyword. This is not always the case, sometimes an article may contain related keywords that will help to improve the positioning of the article in related searches.

Define the structure of the article

Once you are clear about the main keyword and the secondary keywords, you can determine the structure of the blog article. To do this, make an outline of the topics to be covered and the subtopics of each of them. The article will contain a main title (labeled as <h1>), several subtitles (labeled as <h2>) and possible sections within each subtitle (indicated as <h3>).

Illustrate the article with images

Beyond the creativity and originality that you can bring to the text, the article must be attractive to the reader’s eyes. Therefore, we recommend adding one or more images to illustrate the text. Remember that the images should not be too heavy (in terms of kb) and that you must include the main keyword in the alt attribute of each image.

Phrases in bold type

Finally, to make the text easier for the reader, it is advisable to highlight the most important terms and phrases in bold type. This will make it easier for readers who want to read diagonally.

Original content

Of course, you can take inspiration from other blogs, media or physical media, but your article cannot be plagiarism. The content must be totally original and provide value to the reader.

Did you think that writing a blog article was easier? We don’t consider it a complicated task, but, if you want your article to reach your target audience, it is important that you follow these blog writing tips.

Do you need to write a blog article? Do you want to have a good content planning for the next months? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We will be happy to help you to create content for your blog.